About us

We specialize in product marketing, sourcing, purchasing, quality control and logistics for consumer electronic products manufactured in China.
We scout and develop ODM/OEM business and with our partner in Shenzen can follow our customers’ needs.

Our skill and experience enables our customers to only import highly reliable products with the advice of our professional team and high quality suppliers.

We serve our clients as manufacturers, importers, mobile network operators and distributors of wireless devices.

Our ability to assist the customer before, during and after the sales of the product is one of our key strengths.

Our automatic management of test reports eliminates delays between the execution and delivery of reports.

We collaborate with many specialized laboratories in different types of product tests to provide a complete service for products that require testing beyond their normal technical ability.

With our long experience of mobile technology, electronics and the Asia supply market, our customers can confidently choose the right products whether it’s a Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or Tech-wearable/Smartwatch.


In our portfolio we have many trading success.
Be focused. Grow with us.

What we can do

Sourcing and Scouting new products

Testing and pre-testing with external certified labs:
Radio Testing
And more…..

Follow the purchase and orders

Full customization of the products

Documentation ( CE; ROHS; Etc )

Quality inspection:
Pre-production if needed
Production phase
Quality control testing/inspection before delivery from China

Delivery / Logistics


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